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Hiroshima International Business College is currently looking for students to enroll in October.

Hiroshima International Business College is currently recruiting students to enroll in October.

Department of Recruitment

Recruitment period 2021/9/1〜2021/11/30

Flow to admission

In the case of

1 On-site interviews Depending on your region, you may be asked to go to a designated location.
Depending on the region and schedule, interviews may be difficult.

2 Passed the interview 20,000 JPY application fee is required with documents.
For April intake, please send us the all documents by the end of November in a year before, for October intake, by the end of May.

3 Screening of school documents It will take about 2 months, until COE ”Confirmation Of Enrollment” gets issued, after applying.

4 Issue of school admission We will send you the bill of school fee after your COE "Confirmation Of Enrollment" gets issued.
And please note that 100,000 JPY for the entrance fee is not returned in any case you cancel the entrance after COE is issued once.

5 Immigration Bureau Screening Please transfer the school fee to the selected bank account of Hiroshima International Business College immedeately after the bill is delivered.
The original of admision letter and COE will be sent affter the confirmation of your payment.

6 Issue of COE "Confirmation Of Enrollment" Please do the entry procedure at the consulate in your country, after admission letter and COE are delivered.

7 Payment of school fee In case immigration inspection did not get passed, the fee besides documents fee and admission fee will be returned.

8 Delivery of admission letter and COE Please let us know the date of your arrival. We will pick you up at the airport.

9 Rescreening by the consulate

10 Entrance

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