Admission 入学案内

Hiroshima International Business College, a vocational school, is currently recruiting students for April enrollment.

Hiroshima International Business College is currently recruiting students for April enrollment.

Department of Recruitment

Japanese Language Course

Recruitment period 2024/8/1〜2024/11/22

Flow to admission

Japanese Language CourseIn the case of

1 Interview at the local There are cases in which, you are going to the specified places for interview depends on the areas you live.
There are some difficulties for interview depends on the areas and schedules.

2 Passing the interview 20,000 JPY application fee is required with documents.
For April intake, please send us the all documents by the end of November in a year before, for October intake, by the end of May.

3 Screening of school documents It will take about 2 months, until COE ”Confirmation Of Enrollment” gets issued, after applying.

4 Issue of school admission We will send you the bill of school fee after your COE "Confirmation Of Enrollment" gets issued.
If you decline admission after the Certificate of Eligibility has been issued, the application fee of 20,000 yen and the admission fee of 100,000 yen will not be refunded.

5 Immigration Bureau Screening When you receive an invoice for tuition fees, etc., please transfer it to our designated account as soon as possible.
The original of admision letter and COE will be sent affter the confirmation of your payment.

6 Issue of COE "Confirmation Of Enrollment" Please do the entry procedure at the consulate in your country, after admission letter and COE are delivered.

7 Payment of school fee In case immigration inspection did not get passed, the fee besides documents fee and admission fee will be returned.

8 Delivery of admission letter and COE Please let us know the date of your arrival. We will pick you up at the airport.

9 Rescreening by the consulate

10 Entrance

frequently asked questions

There are some of common questions to Hiroshima International Business College.

What kind of scholarship do we have?

We are setting our own system of scholarship and granting to students every year.
And also we are applying to learning incentives for self payed foreign students, and LSH Asian scholarship foundation.
The 2nd graders are mainly target of the contest but, the 1st graders are also able to participate.

【The scholarship of Hiroshima International Business College (Original scholarship system of HIBC) 】
Amount : 100,000JPY, 50,000JPY, 30,000JPY

【Incentive for foreign students】
Amount : 48,000JPY/month 576,000JPY/year Payment period : 1 year

【LSH Asian scholarship foundation】
Amount : 100,000 JPY/year

【The others 】
Composition competition, Speech competition Amout : 50,000 JPY(1st prize ) 10,000 JPY (perticipation prize)

【Authorized condition】
■Attendance 100% ■Ecxellence grades ■Learning Attitude ■Recommendation letter from homeroom teachers
■Perticipation to school activities or

being judged by any other points in general.
■Hiroshima International Business College Incentive
■Scholarships for International Students
■LSH Asia Scholarship
■Kiwanis International Student Composition Contest
■Speech Competition Grand Prize
■Best Reading And Speaking Competition Excellence Award

Is treamet fee at the hospitals expensive in Japan?

You basically need to sign up with 2 different kinds of insuarance in order to reduce the burden of treatment cost.

1. To sign up to national health insuarance,
which is the insuarance system covered 70% of the treatment fee by Japan.

2. To sign up to fraternal insuarance of Japanese language school cooperative association.
Which is covered 30% of self burden.(dentists and gynecologies are exceptions.)

Are students able to have part time jobs?

Labor is basically not admitted but,
if you apply to activity authorization out of the qualification, then part time job within 28 hours per week will be possible.