Personal InformationBasic manegement policy for personal information

Personal Information of instructors, office staff, and students of Hiroshima International Business College.

We deeply recognize the importance of protection, and at the head of the headmaster of Hiroshima International Business College, decides on our policy mentioned below, strive to prevent the unauthorized use and leakage of personal information, and tackle with appropreate handling and custody of private information.

1. We observe the law or any other norms involved with the protection of personal information and strive to protect personal information.
2. In case of obtainment, usage or provision of personal information, to be based in law we strive to manage it safely and strictly.
3. We strive to prevent and correct for unauthorized access to personal information, leakage, loss, impairmat or falsifiction of personal information.
4. Personal information we obtained is only used within the limits of the purpose of right usage.
5. We constantly improve and re-examine the tackle of protection of private information.
6. We call attention to the office staffs who manage personal information in Hiroshima International Business College to let them recognize the importance of protection of personal information.